“What are these one dollar charges here,” James Perez questions to the bartender while sipping his recently acquired five dollar shot of whiskey and two dollar half glass of ice less Sprite.  

Astonished by the response, the Bartender bites his lip and turns around. Perez crinkles up his piece of paper and slingshots it to the back of the bartender.

Before the Bartender could turn around Perez grabs his phone in an unfaithful engagement, trying to convince even himself he hadn’t thrown the paper.  

“If you’re gonna be a douche, the door is right behind you and if you keep being a douche there is a security guard hoping it’s true,” the Bartender opens his chest and takes a big breathe to allude his strength.  

Perez, once a man of stupendous and endless drunks swallows his pride, opens his wallet that had only a few singles.   He gets up leaves him a five single bills, closed the check book and walks out.