John Fillmore, bartender at The Hopleaf Bar, “I know usually on a Friday night there is no problem with people being in the bar, but when I have to open a bar midweek for lunch, there are only a few customers. “

“Even more rarely is it someone I like, let’s be honest they are all lonely and have some problems if they are drinking at 10 in the morning on a Tuesday.”

“During the week I still get $50 to comp drinks to customers.  When Kyle comes in I just feel like we have good conversations and he understands me.”

I just hate when he has to leave cause I feel lonely.  I try to get him to stay and buy him a round of drinks when the conversation starts to die.  Then I sneak in a shot of tequila,  then he usually puts off his plans till later or another day!”

“The trick is, you have to give them drinks they like or they won’t stay. That’s what I’ve learned.  Before you know it we spend some quality time together and I feel like we have started a good friendship.”