William Orpen, Le Chef de Paris vibrates excitedly about his new special he’s trying out for the first time excitedly answers our concerns of the new dish “it’s a smoked flap steak, with a red wine tomato sauce and deconstructed avocado wrapped in a slow roasted whole grain wheat flatbread.

  There is one secret ingredient though; there is a surprise in only one bite and it changes the whole experience.  Sometimes it stretches from the food you were once enjoying, imitating a melted cheese. 

Another surprise this ingredient can do is get stuck in your throat and you have to pull it out, hoping it stays in one piece. 

Better yet, it can get stuck between your teeth and the part hanging out can tickle your tongue.

The best surprise is when you finish eating and finally find it mocking you on your plate while you wish you can take it all back.  The best part of it is that it is FREE!