Work can get frustrating when you don’t have all the tools that you need, and even when its something as small as a towel, it can be disappointing. 

It’s these times you really need your work besties.  They are there to make fun of, joke around with and drink with after work.

  Once I was invited to Brandon’s house for drinks and upon entering his kitchen, I had found literally half the stock of sanitizer towels that the restaurant used to have.

  We all took so much shit from managers who were complaining about the missing towels and how they were paying a fortune to pay for them when it was all for our co-worker’s greed.  

“I personally enjoy the ease of just throwing away a towel after I cook and not having to worry about laundry,” Brandon exclaimed.  “It’s so much easier than letting all your dish towels build up and start smelling until you have enough to justify spending money on laundry.”

I was pissed off, wondering if he noticed all the linens from the restaurant I have at my apartment. I gave him shit as I was pondering the inconsistency in my lecture, “fuck you.”