New York—

Chef Jeremey Sho, Executive Chef of the Ritz-Carlton in New York has been feelin’ extra stress around the workplace these days from overwhelmed managers, nagging hostess, and ungrateful servers but the chef claims to have the spell to calm everyone down. 

Chef Jeremey, “for our family meal I’ll start them off with a amuse bouche of a bison carpaccio with a cilantro truffle then I sneak in a tuna tartare with a soy vinaigrette.  And next is where I’ll get the real peace and I can walk around the restaurant without hearing sny naysaying.”

With passion, he continues, “I’ll pull out the slow cooked beef tenderloin and make a quick pan sauce to napé top.  I’ll serve the staff slices of the tenderloin over a purée cauliflower and asparagus to top it off. 

This is the only way I can get a real break from my own co-workers.  The better the meal is the quieter the restaurant is.