“Yea, I know everyone has their priorities.  I really can’t get through a day of working in the kitchen without my cornstarch, ” baffles Chef Sharron Jones.  

“Working behind the grill is just a way for the human body to become a hot spring,”  Contemplating the multiple uses of this magic powder, the Chef “figure[d] [she] could have a really effective use for the cornstarch if [she] used it for [herself] and for the sauce [she] would sub flour or a few potatoes to act as the thickening agent, instead of using the cornstarch.”

The Chef taught us that kitchen life is very fast paced and it the decisions you make could make or break you. 

“I wasn’t true to the standardized recipe but I feel at the end of the day that we had a sauce that tasted relatively the same and I was a happy chef.  It’s the little things in life.”