San Francisco— “Go ahead, sharing a glass of wine is really going to keep you from thinking you haven’t guzzled down two bottles of wine,” states Reese Meyers, a junior bartender who is ready to leave his lunch shift at Saison

Speaking so rapidly that only a rabbit could understand, “they came in at the beginning of lunch today,” the frustration grows on Meyers’ face as he continues the sentence.

“They just wanted one glass to share because they had a work meeting. Now, these two are all over each other…I’m trying to close them out to go home.  All I want is my tip and to leave but I can’t get two seconds to negotiate anything with these two.

 The bartender looks over at the couple. The girl has makeup on her teeth and her partner has come close to looking in between a clown and the Jack Nicholson in “The Shining.”  Happy bartending…