The only reason I went back to the restaurant Sushirito a second time is because my friend really wanted to try it.   I pretty much swore the place off after my previous meal there because of a ¿burrito?… made strictly of rice and soggy seaweed and a half-hearted spicy aioli. I felt obligated to go so I could let my friend bury herself in an anti-climactic burrito…so I did a friendly duty. 

The second time I went in I had a bitter excitement because they had added new menu items.  With my panties lukewarm, I ordered my burrito and went to pay.  It was an astonishing 11.00 for sushi, which should’ve been my first concern.  While paying with a smile, I thanked the cashier and put a 5er in the tip jar.  

The cashier was reluctant to say thank you in return, she just looked at me with hollow eyes.  I told myself, that this restaurant wouldn’t do me dirty twice in a row so I took out my 5 from the tip jar. To my astonishment, the cashier did have emotions.  I could see her brows curl in confusion and had the audacity to ask me why I did such a thing.

Lesson One: Be grateful for anything.