Los Angeles–

A Los Angeles area diner found himself locked in the men’s room of Philippe’s on N. Alameda St. and Ord St. 

“I locked the door to use the restroom,” he said, “and I was scrolling through my phone while taking a lengthy shit. When I finished up, I couldn’t remember how to unlock the door.” No matter how much he fiddled with the lock, he said “I just couldn’t figure it out.”

After 3 hours, friends on Twitter gave him a critical suggestion. “They told me to call the police or the fire department. So I called them and explained my situation. They said to hang tight.” 

Within minutes, police and fire crews arrived at the restaurant, confusing diners and interrupting dinner service. Authorities gave the man several suggestions, though the diner remained unable to open the door. After an hour, the Los Angeles Fire Department resorted to the Jaws of Life. The man was rescued from the restroom and was treated by medical examiners for minor injuries. The line for the men’s room had grown considerably over the course of the diner’s restroom ordeal. 

“At a certain point,” he added, “I wasn’t sure when I was going to get out. I don’t know exactly when my date left.”

His date could not be contacted for further explanation.