Los Angles –

Chef Lochner,  “The past few months of doing inventory I’ve noticed I’ve used a lot more cooking wine than usual,” he reassures this by looking over the recent Profit and Loss paperwork. “Even though the restaurant is really in its slow season we seem to be using more cooking wine than the past.”

“I decided to do some investigation of my own and went up to the line cooks. I went to each station and every line cook individually to ask if they had known anything about the cooking wine.”

Upon further investigation, the Chef found some intriguing news from the kitchen line. “Jorge and Willy said they had no idea but seemed apprehensive about something.”

 Still not convinced, he continues down the line and turns to us, this time more assured.

“When I asked Jason if he had noticed anything about the depletion of cooking wine he looked at the middle of my nose and said, “no slir, I habn’t seen thuh wine.”  He smiled with red stained teeth and nervously moved away a suspicious bowl away from my sight.

The lightbulb lit up in his head and you can tell he knew immediately where the wine had been going.

“I looked in the bowl and found it was full of blossom hill cooking wine, the cheapest stuff on the racks.  Wouldn’t you drink cooking wine if the restaurant couldn’t even pay you enough to get a tall boy?